Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Secret Santa pays me a visit from the Pacific Northwest

Just before I was to head out for my yearly Christmas travels, a box from my Secret Santa showed up! Before I get into it, thanks again to Jon from Penny Sleeves for once again running this year's program. Like Matthew before him, he does a great job!

I was thinking I might be getting a package from someone new this year, as I noticed in the comments there were a lot of names I didn't recognize. Many were from Twitter or TCDB, so I figured I might be getting something from an unfamiliar name.


A nice flat rate box showed up from one of my oldest trading partners, Kerry from Cards on Cards! Although he does send some surprise packages throughout the year, I was thinking this one might be too well-timed to not be Secret Santa. And I was right! I opened the box and there were two glorious team bags, as well as a sticky note that read, "This worked out well. I had some cards set aside for you anyhow."

Kerry always sends super generous packages, and this one was no different. The highlights were what were undoubtedly the main Secret Santa gifts in the form of two Tinos I didn't have!
The relic is aN eBaY oNe Of OnE #'d 100/100!

And the Gallery is a Private Issue #'d to 250.

Two low numbered Tinos I needed?! Secret Santa was good to me.

And the team bags were great too, chock full of Knicks and Yankees! I was really happy that Kerry was kind enough to include two RJ Barrett rookies! These are the first cards I have of the promising Knicks rook. I love the old school Hoops Tribute design!
A few more Knicks, including some Kevin Knox RCs and a sad card of Porzingas. I do love the sweet Knicks City Jersey.

For the baseball portion, I really loved the 2019 Chrome Refractors. A nice pink of DJLM and the Jeter is awesome.
I LOVE this shot of Judge.
I'm surprised by how many Yankees cards Edwin is going to end up with this year. I loved having him in Pinstripes, even if it was for a short time and even if he stunk in the Playoffs.
Lastly, a vintage stock card of Yankees legend Ivan Rodriguez. Perhaps he is hitting his only Yankees homer in this shot?!
Kerry, thanks for being an awesome Secret Santa!


  1. Such a great gift and blogger. Good stuff. As much as I don't like the Yankees the Judge cards stands out. Topps does Stadium Club so well. Great Post

  2. I received my secret Santa package from you yesterday and it is under the tree waiting to be opened tomorrow morning.

  3. I got my first RJ Barrett card from my Secret Santa as well...still working on the post, hope to have it up soon.

  4. The 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Materials are beautiful. I remember chasing a few for my collection when they first came out. And that SC Judge is gorgeous. One of my favorites from this year's set.

  5. I know that /250 print run might as well be to /10,000 these days, but damn those Private Issue's are still cool... don't find them in the wild much anymore either!

  6. Good to see everything made it safely. Merry Christmas!

  7. I'm impressed whenever someone finds one Tino card you need, so two is a great gift indeed. The Pudge is really neat, too. Merry Christmas!

  8. Awesome package of cards you got there.