Friday, June 19, 2020


It's really a stupid thing. I'm a Bengals fan.

I was born into it. I have no Cincinnati ties. Never even been there. I hear Skyline Chili is actually quite gross.

But my Dad knew someone whose son was drafted by the team, and that coincided with the team actually being good in the 1980s, twice going to and losing the Super Bowl. So fans were born.

By the time I was old enough to pay attention to the NFL, the Bengals were perennial losers and an overall joke of a franchise. So while my friends in update NY all latched onto the Giants and Jets (no one cared about the Bills despite 4 SB appearances), I was stuck rooting for a constant loser. Not only a loser, but often a joke of a franchise.

I've seen this before, but I hope this time is different. There's reason for hope. Because the Bengals just drafted perhaps the best QB prospect to come out of college in the last 10 years.

Joe Burrow is from Ohio. He was supposed to lead Ohio State, but ended up at LSU after transferring. The rest is history, as he put top the most prolific season a college QB has ever had.

He's now a Bengal, and the fanbase has high expectations that this time is different. That this time, we have someone who can lead the franchise into and beyond the first round of the Playoffs. While I don't college football, I did snag his Panini Instant draft night card.
Time will tell. And there will be some growing pains this season. But for once, I have hope.

Don't let me down, Joe.


  1. They haven't been as bad as the Browns.

  2. As a long time Nets fan, I certainly comprehend your feelings.
    Fun fact: I created his listing on the Database. from the SI for Kids card from last year or late 2018.

  3. FWIW, I like Skyline Chili. Just sayin'.
    I'd take Burrow over Trubisky in a heartbeat. The NFL is a QB league, and the Bengals have a good one.

  4. I kind of wish I had 'a team'. I envy team collectors for the ability to want soooo many cards specific to their collection.

  5. I rooted for the Bengals both times they faced the Niners in the Super Bowl. If they ever get back there, I'd probably cheer for them unless they were facing the Seahawks or the Packers.

  6. I do not follow the NFL too much, but I try to keep up with the former NC State players. Did the Bengals release Ryan Finley, or are they keeping him as a backup?

  7. We are Bengals fans in this house too! A few of us out there it seems.

  8. As a Steelers fan, I just lost respect for you. Haha I kid, but seriously I hate the Bengals