Monday, February 1, 2021

A Little different coloring

A few weeks back, I got a very generous PCE (plain cardboard envelope) from card blogging's nicest guy, Fuji

I had recently done a post on a Floyd Little RC I picked up, and then sadly Little lost his battle to cancer. Fuji's envelop really hit the spot, as he was kind enough to dig out a few Little cards he had and passed them my way.
I love this shot from '74 Topps. He looks like he just completed an exhausting series, and is now enjoying a drink of Gatorade or water from a wax cup. I know the exact feeling of the wax cup hitting your lips like that, and even remember the feeling of biting the edge of the cup. It looks like it was a hot day, and Little was giving his all on the previous series of plays. I'd like to think it ended on a Little TD.

This is a cool card as well, showing off Floyd's rushing title. Even cooler is that number two is Larry Csonka, another Syracuse running back. And while he didn't don the orange, Marc Hubbard did go to Colgate, which isn't too far away. Upstate NY schools repping!
However, the cards that most stuck out to me were these dupes from 1972 Topps:
Hmmm...same card, but look at the coloring. One must've been bought at Meijer and the other at Walmart! Kidding aside, not sure if it's just inconsistent printing, if the card was exposed to sunlight, or something else. But it sure is interesting to see the stark difference in color.

Fuji also sent a really nice stack of tri-folds, a Yogi, and some 2020 A&Gs. 
Lastly, a great stack of wrappers for my card related art projects. I love the Ninja Turtles one! That'll be a fun one to use.
Thanks so much, Fuji!


  1. It should be a law that you have to show Yogi Berra cards in every post.

  2. I'm hoping you or one of your readers will be able to solve The Case of the Different Colors case. Best of luck...

  3. Fuji's da man! What a great selection of cards and wrappers.

  4. Love the color variations! It's not that uncommon for that set, but it's always fun when you can find a couple and display them together.