Saturday, February 20, 2021

I found 2021 Topps (online)

Many of us have been robbed of making that late-night Target or Walmart run when Topps Series One drops, rushing through the parking lot and scurrying to the card aisle in hopes of finding freshly stocked blasters, hanger boxes, and loose packs.

I didn't even attempt it. In fact, my first 2021 Topps cards came via the Trading Card Database, a great place to trade if you like that sort of thing.

However, on Twitter The Bucs Stops Here mentioned that Target had blasters online (and available) for $19.99, so I snagged two, which included free shipping. I beat the bots to them, as they sold out a few minutes later. For the same price as in-store, and much less risk, I was able to open some packs of 2021 Topps. While it might not be the fun experience of physically going to the store and finding cards, I am totally fine with obtaining cards in his fashion.

Although I already had a few in hand, I was excited when these blasters arrived earlier this week.

Here is my first pack-pulled card of 2021.
I don't really have much to say about the design. I'm not going to whine about this looking like Bowman. I like Bowman, so fine by me. Borders make no difference to me either. I think the design itself is perfectly mediocre, like this blog. It will not be my least-liked design of all time, nor will it be among my favorites. If I were ever bored enough to rank the 70 designs, it would probably come in around the mid 40s or low 50s. 

What I do like is that the cards connect! Cool! I don't really use binders, and I don't set collect, but I assume these look pretty fun in a nine pocket page. It's not exactly Fleer Provisions when it comes to connecting, but I still think that's fun.
Carrying on. In a move that surprised everyone, Topps did a lot design reprint cards. The 1952s fell one per pack (I think), which I didn't know until I opened the packs.
While old designs are tired, I do appreciate when they are shiny. And for effect, these also curl like Chrome cards of yesteryear.
Hey everyone, did you know Sy Berger invented the first ever baseball set???
No. Not going here.
Rainbow Foils look nice, per usual.
By far the biggest disappointment for me was these Platinum Players diecut cards. I had high hopes, expecting them to be shiny, perhaps rainbow foilesque. They are the opposite. Flat and dull.
I didn't pull any fancy variations nor did I get a Jo Adell, although I did pull a /99 vintage stock. I won't show it here because it's already in the mail to a blogging buddy. Could it be you?

So there it is. Despite being overall quite meh, it was still nice to keep the tradition alive of opening a few packs. I've spent $40 in worse ways. And if you see anything here you like, let me know. They are already loaded into TCDB, but glad to make a blog swap as well.


  1. Regardless of my feelings on 2021 Topps... I'm still jealous that you got to rip open packs. I always fact the entertainment value when I open up blasters.

  2. If you aren't attached to the Bieber, I wouldn't mind trading for it. That card is perfect for the 86 design. The only thing that stops that from looking like a real 86 Topps card is the absence of Chief Wahoo, but I guess that's dead and buried. At least it's not 2 years from now and the card doesn't say Rocks or Spiders or Steamers or whatever.

  3. Lucky you were able to get cards at all! Thanks for showing them off.

  4. I bought my one and only Topps 2021 pack to rip a bit later. Thanks for the run down so I know what to expect! That Platinum Players looks like it was designed on Power Point.

  5. Glad to see a reasonably positive review of this set. I haven't seen any in person myself yet. Other than the small print I don't think I'll be bothered by the design.

  6. Really glad you beat the bots. And hope that you are able to get some good trades in from the unwanted cards. I'm tying to stay patient in advance of getting my first 2021 card(s). I'll start "shopping" around for Kruks and Strawberrys in March I think.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I know I can find more collecting fun for 40 bucks elsewhere. That's not a new thing for me. I really miss Upper Deck.