Monday, June 27, 2011

1998 Donruss Power Index aka OPS

Last Tino post of the day, I promise.

In 1998, Donruss put out a set called "Production Line: Power Index." Although it looked like they may have been making up a stat for the sake of an insert, the stat is actually still relevant today and is better known as OPS - on base plus slugging. At the time I probably thought Donruss made it up, but I'm sure it was already out there. Anyhow, kudos to them for acknowledging it way back in 1998.

Here is my Tino Martinez Power Index. i bought packs upon packs trying to pull this card, but I eventually got in on eBay a few years later. The blue is very bright and striking. The card has a refractor-like glare to it as well. If you collect a guy from the late 1990's who was included in this set, I highly recommend picking one up. Oh, and the cards are serially numbered to the players Power Index number. I kid you not! Only 948 of these Tino's exist...and I own two of them muahahahahaha.

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