Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mattingly is in my dreams...weird

I had to share a weird dream that I had last night. It creeped me out a bit. In my dream, I found out that Don Mattingly was speaking at a business conference. I'm not sure where this took place. So I went to the hotel where the conference was to get Mattingly to sign a 1994 Topps card for my Topps Yankees Project. Not sure why I decided on 1994, as I already have this year crossed off in my "real-life" project.

Anyways, Mattingly came out of the conference, and I was first in line. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a card for him to sign, but when I looked down, I had accidentally had him sign a 1993 Pinnacle and not a 1994 Topps. I was crushed! So I got back into line somehow and then had Mattingly sign my 1994 Topps. However, he was very unfriendly the whole time, and while I was happy to get his auto (twice), I was disappointed in how mean and angry he was.

I do have one Mattingly autograph in real-life. It is a signed coaster from his restaurant in Evansville, IN. He used to send those out in the late '90s instead of signing cards TTM. 

I'm not sure where this would have stemmed from, and I won't hold it against Mattingly in real-life. He is still one of my favorite all-time players and I have heard that he is a pleasant guy. Too bad he is wearing Dodger blue these days, but I wish him luck. I hated to see him miss out on the Yankees managerial job in 2008, but honestly, he just wasn't 100% ready yet and I would have hated to see him take the Yankee job and fail. I'm hopeful that one day he'll guide the Yanks to the World Series and win the ring that has eluded him.

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