Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Dante Bichette Jr!

Last night, the Yankees drafted a familiar baseball name - Dante Bichette Jr at #51 overall. That was their first pick after losing their first rounder to Tampa after the Rafael Soriano mess.A lot of Yankee fans are a bit upset with the selection, as there were some big names left on the board...signability guys mostly. I'm not so upset. I know the scouting department must love this guys to take him at #51, and he has big time power. He is listed as a 3B but from what I've reading he is destined for LF. Interestingly, Joe Girardi is good friends with Dante Bichette Sr and even named one of his sons "Dante." I don't think that had anything to do with it, but still a cool tidbit.

Two more things:

1. He looks exactly like Dante Sr. I hope he hits like him.
2. I still like the movie "Dante's Peak" and watch it whenever I'm flipping through and it's on.


  1. I was so hoping the Rox drafted him, but oh well. Maybe when the Yankees trade him for a veteran it can be with the Rox.