Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TTM Blast from the Past: Moose Skowron aka John C Reilly

Yesterday, Commishbob did a post about his 1959 Topps All Star Bill "Moose" Skowron card and how he looks like John C. Reilly. I couldn't agree more, and it inspired me to dig out a few Skowron cards that I own and giggle a little about the thought of the Talladega Nights and Step Brothers star looking like a Yankee great.

Anyhow, years ago I got this beautiful Fleer Greats of the Game card signed TTM by Moose. I think he charges money now, but I was able to score this card for free. This is perhaps my favorite set that features players from the past. It's not a new concept, and I don't think it really was at the time either, but these cards were awesome. The card stock and the finish was great for signatures. My only real complaint is that the borders chipped very easily.

It was great to see Moose don the Pinstripes again at Old Timer's Day this past Sunday. He is a mainstay at Old Timer's Day and it's always fun to see him run out there with guys I watched growing up.

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  1. Just to give credit where it's due... Kevin at the '65 Topps Project saw the Skowron-OReilly connection before I did. I kept seeing that face in my mind and being as 'culture-challenged' as I am, it took me awhile to nail it down thanks to him. Really is uncanny though. I tried putting Moose's face on O'Reilly's picture but the only thing I'm worse at than movie trivia is photoshopping. :-(