Monday, June 27, 2011

Tino hits one more HR! Yankees 2011 Old Timer's Day

Yesterday was the Yankees 65th annual Old Timer's Day. I actually received a call from a friend right when festivities were starting. He had an extra ticket and wanted to bring me. Unfortunately, I had a commitment I couldn't miss, so I had to begrudgingly pass on a chance to see some of my favorite players from the past don the Pinstripes once more. Annoying.

As luck would have it, my all-time favorite, Tino Martinez, showed he still has that sweet lefty swing in tact when he took David Cone yard. Makes sense - I never saw Tino hit one out live, so naturally I would miss this one too. More and more of the players I watched on those great 1990s teams are showing up at each Old Timer's Day, further proving that I'm getting old. Damn.

Here is a clip of Tino's bomb:


  1. I was wondering if you caught that. I got to see the Rox play the game, but once again the Rockies bullpen is the player of the game for the other team.

  2. If a Tino hits a homerun in the forest and AJ isn't there to see it, does it make a sound?