Thursday, June 30, 2011

Congrats to Mark Teixeira on HR #300

Mark Teixeira just blasted career HR #300! Power-wise, Tex is having a strong year, as this is his ML-leading 25th homer. Mark is cementing himself among the all-time great switcher hitters and he is only 31. Congrats to Mark and hopefully he has a lot more HRs left in him.

Three hundred isn't necessarily a hugr\e milestone, as quite a few players limp into it at the end of their career. However, it's no small feat, especially at his age. It'll be exciting to see where he is when he hits #400 and hopefully #500.

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  1. Was able to catch this one on XM while out for lunch! Spectacular........The Yanks are really firing on all cylinders right now - I hope they can keep it going into the second half!