Friday, January 27, 2012

My first Jeter relic

I don’t own any Jeter relics. I haven’t been fortunate enough to acquire a Jeter jersey card or bat relic. I’m not sure if I’ll ever own a Jeter auto. However, I do now own a relic card…just not Jeter’s clothing or bat. It’s a piece of game-used base from the 1999 World Series.

I‘ve been trying to slowly collect this 11-card set. I now have four cards to go, but I think Jeter was likely the toughest to acquire. I ended up winning it on eBay for $13.01 shipped. I figured it would have cost me at least $20, so that was a great deal in my opinion.

I really do love this set. Sure, the Yanks won the World Series, but I still think it’s a really attractive design and a cool concept for a set. If anyone has one of the cards I don’t have (Clemens, Bernie, Brian Jordan, Glavine) please let me know. I do have a duplicate Andruw Jones from this set as well.

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