Friday, January 6, 2012

TTM Success: Will "The Thrill" Clark

This past September, I sent a TTM request to Will Clark in care of the Giants. I was always a fan of his dating back to his days with the Giants. He was just a solid, consistent player. I saw that he was signing a bit during the season and really wanted to add his signature to my collection.

Last week, an envelope rolled in post-marked from Louisiana. I couldn't figure out who it might be, and it turned out to be my Will Clark card sign in blue sharpie. I wish I had sent a Giants card from the '80s, but this was the only Clark card I had with me here in NYC. It still looks great. The scan is a little tough to distinguish the blue from the sharpie and his jersey, but in person it's not as bad. This is a great success and I appreciate Mr. Clark responding to my request,


  1. Will Clark and the Yankees. Yikes.

    I suppose it could've been worse -- Will Clark on the Yankees.

  2. i agree that clark was a bad-ass when he played for frisco. i hated the giants (hated?) but i would have taken clark on my team any day of the week. great get.

  3. I just got Clark, too. He seems like a really nice guy. I'm glad I sent to him. He was my older brother's favorite player growing up. he definitely made a good choice.