Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Original Andy Pafko painted sketch card

I hope that Matt from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius doesn’t mind me showing off this card, as it’s now in his possession. You see, I was assigned Matt as my Secret Santa in Bad Wax’s Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry idea. I received Matt’s wish list and I was able to knock a few cards off that. I wanted to send him a little something extra, so I took a spin around his blog and came to realize that he was an Andy Pafko collector, and that he also liked the 2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut cards.

Since Pafko wasn’t included in this set, I decided to make one for Matt. I found a picture of Pafko that I liked, and started drawing. He was actually featured in a Dodgers uniform, and I took the liberty to make him a Brave instead. I tried to copy the look of my CC Sabathia Diamond Die Cut. I even cut the edges so it was a true die-cut. It didn’t come out perfectly, but I was happy enough with it to begin painting.

I’m not convinced this is my strongest painting. I have an assorted pack of sketch cards with different card stock, and I don’t think I used the right one. It was a nice, thick card, but the paper wasn't perfect for this. The acrylic paint I used dried too fast and it was tough to blend colors for the sake of shading. I think the red background came out pretty well, as well as the diamond in the background.

Anyhow, Matt said very kind things about the card HERE. I’m glad he liked it and that it’ll be a positive addition to his Andy Pafko collection.


  1. nice painted card! I haven't tried actually painting a card that size. I usually use markers or pencil. I don't think I could do it. Really nice that it's die cut too.

  2. Impressive as always! You're building quite a gallery.