Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tino Tuesdays #22: 1999 Pinnacle Performers Swing for the Fences

I can’t say I remember the Pinnacle Swing for the Fences promotion all that much. Collectors had to match the 1998 HR league leader with the total number that they would hit. If you did this and were one of the first 1,000 to redeem, a Juan Gonzalez autographed card was the choice. Interesting looking back on that.

Tino hit 44 bombs in 1997, so it wasn’t a stretch for him to be included in this set. He ended up only hitting 28 for the 1998 Yanks, which still lead the team. His power was really hampered by a back injury thanks to an Armando Benitez fastball in the back that started the big Yanks-Orioles brawl. I will forever enjoy Darryl Strawberry’s haymaker punch.


  1. That's a sweet looking card. The blue really stands out. I love it when card manufactures incorporate "collector interaction" into their products.

  2. That's one Tino I'm actually missing from my PC. Good job!