Saturday, January 7, 2012

TTM Success: Jim Leyritz (The King)

This was another lengthy wait, as I send this back in May to the Newark Bears, where Jim Leyritz was a coach on Tim Raines’ staff. Leyritz served as a pitching coach, which I always found odd since he was a catcher. I suppose that gives him plenty of knowledge to be a pitching coach, but it’s still a bit unusual. Perhaps that’s how it is in low-budget independent ball.

I know that “The King” has had plenty of off-field issues, but I had the chance to meet him once and he was incredibly nice. I hope he is getting his life back on track. I’ll always have a fond place my heart for his post-season heroics in 1996.

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  1. Nice. Leyritz seemed like a decent guy the couple of times I got to talk to him last year.