Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow. Shocking trade!

Tonight I came home from work, had a bite to eat, and settled in to catch up on the DVR. The baby just fell asleep and I was looking forward to relaxing for a bit. Then I checked one of my favorite Yankee blogs real quick, just to see if anything was new. I was greeted with the headline:

"Yankees trade Montero, Noesi for Pineda, Campos"

WHAT?! Is this a joke? I clicked on the story expecting to see "Just kidding." Nope, the reports were flooding in. Once my heart settled down, I started to think about it and really like it. Montero is a stud, and I've been waiting for his arrival for years. He didn't disappoint this September. I was attached to him as a top prospect, and it's always hard to lose your number one guy.

However, bats can be found anywhere. Young starting pitchers who are studs? Not everywhere. Pineda has the makings of a future ace. Then, with the signing of Kuroda, the Yanks rotation turned into one of the best in baseball. Look at this:


Wow. That's pretty damn good. Well, you can never have too much pitching, but I expect one to be dealt, likely Hughes. The Yanks will also bring in a bit to share some DH duties. Rumors have them targeting Carlos Pena.

So what was an incredibly slow, quiet offseason for the Yankees changed in a matter of moments on Friday the 13th. I welcome Michael Pineda and hope he has a long career in the Bronx. Jesus, I'll miss you. Best of luck in Seattle.


  1. I definitely think you got the better end of the deal. Pineda will be a stud. I guess this is payback for dumping Ken Phelps on the Yankees for Jay Buhner. Ain't karma a bugger?

  2. I hope the Rockies notice this and can make a (lowball) offer for Burnett or Garcia. I only say lowball because you guys don't need much and Colorado doesn't have much lol. We do need a veteran innings eater though.

  3. I'm kinda happy about this trade. I grew to like Hector Noesi and Jesus Montero when they played for the Trenton Thunder, and I can root for them now that they're Seattle Mariners.

    The Yankees pitching rotation is good enough now to scare other teams, too.