Monday, May 7, 2012

Golden Giveaway Trade

 A few weeks ago, I unlocked a Reggie Jackson die cut from this year’s Golden Giveaway. Now, if this were the Diamond Giveaway, I would have had hundreds of trade offers to sort. But no one trades on the Golden Giveaway site because: 1. No one logs on, 2. It’s boring, 3. The only cards that exist are these die cuts, and 4. Virtual coins are dumb.

Every week or so I’d log on and check if there were any trade offers for the Reggie. Usually there were about 3 or so. David Wright for Reggie? Nope. Pedroia? Barf. Roberto Alomar? Not bad, but no thanks.

I finally made a few trade offers for some Yankees and landed this:

I would have rather had a retired Yankee or Hall of Famer, but I love Cano and I’m sure these cards are nice. I just wish the experience of trading on this site was more enjoyable.


  1. This year's giveaway is an absolute miserable failure. And with the death of eTopps, we must be heading for a new era at Topps.

  2. At least you got a card. I have been completely shut out. The Cano is pretty Sharp I must say.

  3. I've been pretty bummed out by the whole deal, but I did get 4 cards so I can't complain too much.