Thursday, May 3, 2012

Non-crap from Uncle Martyn

I got a surprise package from Martyn of Arbitrary Crap and Cards Beyond Oceans recently. It was out of the blue, and considering the cards were coming from the UK, it made the package even nicer.

The most meaningful cards to me were in a white envelope. Martyn, or as he called himself “Uncle Martyn,” sent two relics for my son, Joey. Martyn said that they had come damanged and he could play with them. The damage was extremely minimal, I basically had to hold a magnifying glass to the cards to find it. Anyhow, they are two really nice UD Spectrum relics of Chien Ming Wang and Pudge. I’ll definitely add them to Joey’s growing card binder.

Martyn also sent a 2011 A&G AJ Burnett framed relic.

There were a ton of other nice Yanks. Here is a small sample:

Martyn, thanks again for thinking of me (and Joey).

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