Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tino Tuesday #41: 1996 Upper Deck Authenticated World Series Champions

I remember how excited I was during Christmas in 1996 when I pulled this card from an envelope in my stocking. I believe my mom saw an advertisement for it and purchased it. Being13 years old at the time, I had just started collecting Tino after his first year with the Yankees. This was easily the coolest card I owed at the time.

It's larger than a normal card. I believe it's 4x6. It's die cut, and bordered in an attractive gold foil. The Yankees logo is a little too large and just sort of stuck on there. I'd have made it a lot smaller and put it in the lower left corner. I'll always have a sweet spot for the the 1996 World Series logo, so I'm glad that is featured prominently. I'd have to say, I'm surprised Tino was featured on this card as opposed to Jeter, Boggs, O'Neill, Bernie, or even Wetteland. To my knowledge, no other versions of this card exist.

The back is individually numbered to 5000.

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