Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tino Tuesday #38: October 1997 Beckett

Who said Tino Tuesday just needs to show off cards? I recently got a package in the mail from Ryan of "O No! Another Orioles Blog" with two old Beckett magazines featuring Tino. This is the October 1997 issue, when he graced the cover after his monster 1997 season of 44 HRs and 141 RBIs. There was also a January 1999 issue of the Yanks celebrating their 1998 World Series win.

I'm certain I had this issue back in the day, but I'm sure I have since thrown it out. I'm thrilled to have it again! I haven't had a new Beckett in well over 10 year, and this certainly brought me back. I immediately flipped through it to see what the hot cards at the time were, and it's funny to look back. Jose Cruz Jr RCs, Travis Lee, Ben Grieve, McGwire...these guys were all amongst the hottest cards out there. Just a good reminder that the next big thing isn't always guaranteed amongst all the Harper mania.

There was a really nice write-up about Tino, and his cards were basically at all-time high in terms of value. His 1988 Topps Traded RC was "valued" at $6.

It was fun to take this trip down memory lane, and I plan to highlight a lot more of the content from these magazines in future posts. Ryan, thanks again for sending these along.

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