Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TTM Success: Virgil Trucks

My TTM successes as of late have been few and far between. Part of it is a lack of time to write letters and pull cards to send to players, both past and present. However, I’ve still sent out a small number, maybe one per week, over the last few months.

The latest success comes from Mr. Virgil Trucks. It’s not a surprise success, as I think he has a 100% success rate and is known as probably the most generous signers out there. I bought a poorly conditioned 1953 Topps that I hoped to have signed. I also sent him a nice letter, letting him know where I’m from and ask if he knew about the baseball history from my hometown. I told him about my son and my collecting goals.

Mr. Trucks was nice enough to sign my ’53 Topps, and he also included a signed and personalized card for my son. Additionally, he sent me a kind letter and mentioned that he knew all about baseball in my hometown, that he has been there, and knew of many great players who have played there. For someone in his mid-90s, the guy is sharp.

I thank Mr. Trucks for being such an asset to the hobby.


  1. In the 'sport' of life, Virgil Trucks is a Hall of Famer, for sure.