Friday, May 4, 2012

Slow Mo

I'm still kind of in a haze about this Rivera thing. I know injuries happen to every team. It's just the way this all went down for someone who deserves better. There's been a lot of really nice columns written by Yankee writers, baseball writers, even Red Sox writers all saddened by this course of events.

Anyhow, tonight we must move on. The Yanks need to pick it up on offense and get some quality starting pitching. The bullpen needs to rally and whether it's Soriano or Robertson, someone needs to step up and close out some games.

Here is the Mariano Rivera painting that I did last year.


  1. Can't stand the Yankees... but I wouldn't wish an injury on anyone. I just read that he plans to return in 2013... which is a blessing.

    Oh... and that painting is awesome!

  2. What a terrible thing to happen to one the all time greats! I hope he can go out the way he deserves.