Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Holoday before Opening Day

I’ve said it a few times. For as much as I hate the Red Sox, their bloggers and collectors that I’ve interacted with have all been generous and fantastic to deal with. They all send great packages, and I really do enjoy setting aside our rooting interests and coming together as collectors.

So before the season starts and the hate takes over, here’s a bunch of cards sent to me from Matt of at Doc Holoday Cards. Matt always sends awesome packages. He really goes above and beyond.

He sent a few team bags, and he’s s snippet of some I particularly enjoyed:
Ok, not a card, but a cool Jeter item. This was from Topps Chipz. I appreciate Topps doing something to try to attract more kids. Not sure how it did, but they definitely make cool looking chips.
I was really excited to see this Anderson Feliz autograph! I sent a TTM request to him last year, and I’m pretty sure the card fell out of the envelope on the way back to me. I got an open, empty envelope back. I’m not 100% sure it was from, but I think it was.

These two cards are just very tasteful. Love the Jeter diecut, and the mantle is really nice. It didn’t scan well, but the shiny light blue vs the white area looks gorgeous.

Paul O’Neill! Paul O’Neill! Love this manupatch of the former heart and soul of the Yankees. I miss Paulie more and more every year. I was find it funny how he was criticized for throwing water coolers (which was not ok, for the record), but David Ortiz bashes the hell out of things and it’s so endearing. 
Yes! A new Pineda I didn’t have. This is a Target red parallel. Add it to may “have” list, which is now over 50 unique Pinedas.

Thanks goodness Matt labeled this card “SP” with a post-it, because I wouldn’t have known. It looks exactly the same as the non-SP.
Few more GQ’s. These white bordered cards are awesome. I think they came in a three pack with three regular packs. The Dellin mini is going into my small Dellin PC.

Lastly, some Prizm from this past year.

Matt, thanks again my friend. Really appreciate everything you sent.

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