Monday, March 24, 2014

Mega Listia win: Yogi Berra certified auto

I know a lot of you have jumped ship, but I’ve still stayed fairly active on Listia. Overall, I’ve had success. I’ve gotten some cool vintage cards of Mickey Mantle, a few cards for my various PCs, and  some cards for other bloggers. All the while, I’ve gotten rid of stuff that I’ve been unable to sell or trade. I’ve embraced the idea of replacing cards you don’t want with ones you do want. Novel idea, eh?

I’ve also found that it’s not necessarily baseball cards that bring in credits. I had a few old fast food gift cards laying around…ones that I would never use, but were just sitting around in a drawer. I listed a few of them (after checking to make sure they kept their balance), and they did fairly well. Suddenly, I had a bunch of credits to spend.

I’ve noticed credits are pretty inflated right now. A premium card used to take up a few thousand credits. Now, good cards go for well above that. It’s taken some getting used to.

Well, I stumbled upon a newly listed Yogi Berra 2002 Topps Finest on-card auto. It had no bids yet, but had a Get It Now (GIN) listed that seemed very reasonable compared to what the final cost could be. I thought about it for about two minutes, then pounced quickly and won the card. And man, is it beautiful. Take a look:
Holy schmokes. Now, I have another Yogi autograph from a TTM success, but this is something I thought would a great addition to my collection. I loved that it was on-card and not a sticker. The card itself is tastefully done, although the area for the autograph is a bit large.
Regardless, this quickly becomes one of the best cards in my collection, by far. And upon doing a little more research, it appears that Don Larsen has a signed card in this set as well. I should probably pick it up and pair these two together, shouldn’t I?

Lastly, the seller included a second card with my purchase, to my surprise. Not a bad throw-in, eh? It's for trade if anyone is interested.


  1. Awesome pickup! I've been down on Listia for the past few months...a combo of inflated credits and sellers not protecting cards at all. I may have to start looking again.

  2. Holy cow. That makes me want to check out Listia again.