Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another reason why Ty Hensley is awesome

As many of you may know, I think Ty Hensley is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I interviewed his mom. So awesome that I have been very bullish about picking up his cards. So awesome that he is now a main guy I collect, along with Tino Martinez, Phil Rizzuto, and Michael Pineda.

Early this spring, I got a TTM success from Ty on his Bowman RC, which is awesome. After interviewing Marci, his mom, I sent Ty one other TTM request. I didn't want to be greedy, but I wanted to send him a copy of the interview with his mom. I printed off a color copy and sent it to him, as well as four Bowman Chrome cards. I asked him to keep two for family and friends, which he did. The other two, I asked him to personalize. One to me, one to my son, Joey.

Ty, being awesome (sensing a theme here?), obliged. He personalized both cards, as requested. "To AJ, Keep up the good work." "To Joey, Believe in yourself."

Seriously, what an awesome guy.

I wish I was awesome and didn't send Chrome cards, or at least rubbed them down a bit more. Usually I do, but I must've forgotten, or mixed them up with the ones I told Ty to keep. My fault there. Either way, the cards are awesome, and a true keepsake.

Ty, keep being awesome.


  1. I think you mean "awesome" Zippy Zappy.

  2. Awesome, indeed!!!!

    Happy for you, buddy. Thanks for bringing us along on this baseball journey with you. It's so refreshing to see this kind of "fandom". Sure it's easy as a Yankees fan to get behind a Yankees prospect.....I know that luxury too (*cough* Jagielo *cough)! But this saga's developments say something about both you and Ty (& family) and the kind of people you are; what is important to you....what it's really all about.

    Which just gave me another thought about this story from the hobby perspective. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the prospect/draft pick/minor league products available. I know it is for me! Sometimes I get frustrated by it and yearn for the "old days" where you had major league baseball cards and....that's it. But your Hensley Revolution presents a solid argument for the potential of these products to bring fans closer to the game and closer to their team via players that may very well never make it to the Show - but are a part of the CLUB, our team, our team's family, OUR family....they're a part of the GAME. And most of us love the Game.

    And what a shame it would be for the both the Game and the Hobby we love if this cardboard wasn't available to help make that connection and mark Ty's place in the Game's history......

    Awesome, indeed!