Friday, March 7, 2014

TTM Success: Preston Claiborne

Yankees reliever Preston Claiborne kept my nice run of TTM successes alive by returning my 2013 Topps Update card with a great-looking signature. I don't have many horizontal cards signed, so this was a nice chance. The signature looks great and really pops against all the the light colors in the card.
Claiborne had a nice season in 'pen last year, and I look for him to be a key cog in the Yanks' bullpen again this year. Young relievers are very valuable, and while the Yanks are constantly getting knocked for not developing players, they've had a lot of success developing young bullpen arms.


  1. I'm surprised Preston Claiborne signed for you. When he was in Trenton, he flat refused to sign any autographs at one game I went to. "I don't do do that" was his line, I think. My friend goes to more Thunder games than I do, and he never saw Claiborne pick up a pen. Nice to see he's changed since making the big leagues.