Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cards on Cards on Taye Diggs on Michael Pineda on Knicks on Paul O’Neill

What an idiot title. But you clicked, so the joke is on you.

Kerry from Cards on Cards reached out and mentioned he had some stuff to send my way. Now, a year or two ago, Kerry was busting some basketball cards and I said I’d take any extra Knicks. I haven’t collected basketball cards since I was kid (but DID collect basketball more than baseball growing up), so I really just thought it would be cool to sample some current basketball products and grab cards of my favorite team, the dreadful Knicks.

Here are two favorites from Kerry. He sent way more than this though. The Robinson is pretty damn cool. It’s from the dunk contest, obviously. I like this card of Melo too. This wasn’t a common shot on a card back when I bought basketball cards, but I assume this is fairly common now with the cameras behind the backboards.
Kerry also threw in some Yanks and PC guys, including this Taye Diggs card. I hadn’t see this Upper Deck set, but it looks like a celebrity-focused set based on their team affiliations? Also, I went to the same college as Taye Diggs (but not at the same time). So, yay.
Here are two Pinedas I didn’t have. I’m surprised I didn’t have the Hertiage, but when I checked my ‘have’ list, it wasn’t there. So that’s cool. I’m up into the 50s now for different Pineda cards. 
I also really like this Paul O’Neill Fleer Ultra League Leaders insert card. It’s actually a Gold Medallion parallel as well, even though the medallion is silver. This was from the strike-shortened season in which Paul lead the AL in hitting. 
Kerry, thanks for thinking of me!

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