Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The nicest '56 Topps I've ever seen

A few days ago, I got an email from Mark Hoyle saying that he had a 1956 Topps Jerry Coleman and 1976 Hostess Catfish Hunter, if I wanted it. Not one to pass up such vintage goodness, I said sure. A few days later, they arrived.

Holy crap, that Colemen's condition is phenomenal. I've never see a 1956 this nice. Very good centering, exquisite color, no creases. The corners might be a litttttle fuzzy, but honestly, it's gorgeous. It's gradable, for sure, although I don't get cards graded.
The Catfish, however, looks like someone cut it out right handed with some lefty scissors. Still very cool though, as this is my first Hostess card from the '70s. Man, I wish Hostess or Drake's or Little Debbie's or whomever would put cards on boxes again.

Mark, thanks for the cards. I love 'em!


  1. I miss the days of finding baseball cards at the supermarket. On the other hand, I already eat enough stuff that I shouldn't - I don't need a reason to want to buy Hostess or Drake's products.

  2. I think I grabbed that Coleman for three bucks. I think a dealer buddy of mine gave me the Hunter.

  3. Wow, that Coleman looks like it was pulled fresh out of a wax pack.

  4. I love 56T posts... even if they feature a Yankee ;-) Both cards are awesome!