Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some players really do read my letters!

As an active TTMer, I often wonder whether or not a player actually reads my letters, or simply grabs the cards, signs them, and moves on to the next letter. I always try to put something personal in there...a memory, a question, etc. Some repsond, some don't.

I recently sent to Mike Easler (thanks for the tip, Kenny), and enclosed two cards: a 1987 Topps and a 1987 Fleer All-Star. Now, I mentioned in my letter that the 1987 Fleer All-Star card had significant meaning. I didn't send the exact card (which I have), but in 1988 I was sick in the hospital. I was five years old. I remember that my Mom stopped at the local card shop and brought me a few packs to open in my hospital bed, as well as this single Mike Easler insert card. Yes, I was five years old and already loved cards.

I was too young to know what an insert was, but I knew the Easler was special. It didn't look like the other cards. Mind you, I was used to seeing 1987 Topps cards, so seeing a gray card with yellow stars, it was the most special card I had ever seen. I told Mr. Easler this story, and asked him to sign my upgraded copy of this card.

Without asking for an inscription or personalization, Mr. Easler wrote "God Bless You, AJ!" on the Fleer card, as well as writing "Hit Man" under his name. So cool! On the 1987 Topps, he signed fairly normally with just his name.
Do I know for sure that Mr. Easler read my letter? No. But I feel pretty confident he did by treating the 1987 Fleer card as he did.


  1. Great story. From what I've read the Hitman is a standup guy

  2. Congrats on the awesome return. Glad I was able to (kinda) help.

  3. Stories like this make we want to try my hand at TTMs again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a terrific TTM experience - captures what it's all really about! Congrats, my friend!