Sunday, April 27, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: Pack 4

Here we go with team bag #4 of the Jaybarkerfan Epic Boxes! What will this team bag entail?
Brien Taylor minor league cards! He was supposed to be one of the best lefties ever. That didn't pan out, did it? Given his character and questionable make up, he probably would have ended up being a PC guy for me. See, Tino Martinez and Michael Pineda.
A Shane Spencer Bowman RC, which for some reason, always eluded me. Also, Fleer Metal. Holy crap. Fleer Metal, please come back. I'm not even joking a little. Who doesn't need pitchers breaking through stone walls?
And the card of the pack? Yep, for the second straight pack, a Don Mattingly oddball!

Total cards in pack: 39
Running total: 98


  1. It was a big deal when I was little and my Mom would come home with those Kmart cards.