Thursday, April 10, 2014

The PWE of all PWEs

Mark H recently sent me the PWE of all PWEs. It contained 18 cards...all vintage! Cards ranged from 1959-1965. I love PWEs because there tends to be a bit of everything in there, but this one was just one vintage treasure after another.

Best of all, I honestly think I needed every one of these cards. I need to take inventory on my Yanks from the '60s. I don't have many at all, but should start keeping track and trying to put together some Mantle-less team sets.

I'm not sure which card is my favorite of the bunch. I like the Rollie Sheldon a lot. In fact, I've already sent it out to him TTM. The 1964 Elston Howard is sweet, as well as the 1962 Jake Gibbs. I think that is my first Tony Kubek card too. I have the 1959 Virgil Trucks, but it's autographed. I don't believe I had it unsigned, so love adding it back to my collection.
Mark, thank you as always!


  1. What does Mark do for an encore after that PWE?!

  2. Wow ! Very nice, wonder if he has any TrIbe cards !!?

  3. A day with mail from Mark is a GOOD day... Nice stuff!

  4. AJ. Glad you liked the cards. Baseball dad I'll check out your lists.