Monday, February 15, 2021

Old friends on TCDB

In addition to all the new trading partners I've found on TCDB, nothing beats it when a blogger friend sends a friend request or a trade offer. I have made some swaps with a few bloggers on there, the latest from Paul of Scribbled Ink.

Paul is a TCDB veteran, and even gave me a bunch of tips when I first started (including a few traders to avoid). I saw Paul had a couple cards I had wanted, and we were able to work out a small deal.

The card that caught my eye was Trevor Hauver, the Yankees 2020 3rd rounder. I only have a card or two of his, but Paul had some of the college Prizes for trade, so I focused on this:
And I also requested this. I have no desire to collect this guy, but his girlfriend is Haley Cruse. So yes, I was basic and figured I'd snag a card of this lucky guy.
Paul also threw in a really nice looking Jonathan Loaisga Chrome RC X-Fractor. It's awesome looking.
I appreciated catching up with Paul to make this simple swap!


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  2. Nice refractor. 2019 Topps Chrome (and 2019 Topps) was a pretty nice set.

  3. I'm such a TCDB convert now it isn't even funny!

  4. I didn't know Paul was on TCDb. When you guys have a chance, you might want to check out the TCDb forums. A few other bloggers like Billy (Cardboard History) and Matt (Diamond Jesters) post there every so often. They also promote their blogs in their forum signatures (as I do, lol).

  5. Hopefully Paul will come back to the blogs at some point.