Saturday, November 26, 2011

Signed baseball #1: Rollie Fingers

I only own two signed baseballs. For as large as my TTM autographed card collection is, my signed baseball collection is equally small. However, both are pretty cool, so I'll show them off today and tomorrow.

Ball #1 is Rollie Fingers. I actually got it at work for helping someone out with something. It was one of my first weeks on the job, so it was pretty cool. The ball isn't an official MLB ball, and it's signed in sharpie. Ball point pens work best on baseball, so I anticipate this fading or bleeding at some point down the road. It's about six years old as of now, and so far still looks pretty good. I'm glad it's signed on the sweet spot as well!


  1. Looks great! I've got one sharpie signed ball (Steve Garvey), and it's still going strong after a decade or so.

  2. Ballpoint is best on official MLB baseballs, but I've actually had better luck with Sharpie on the souvenir ones.

    If you've had it for six years & you haven't noticed any changes, you should be fine as long as you keep it out of direct sun.

  3. putting it in one of those UV protected cases should help too. I've got a few signed baseballs now, but my first, and favorite, is my Catfish Hunter, that one is signed in ballpoint, from before the sharpie became "autograph" popular...