Friday, November 25, 2011

TTM Success: Walt "No Neck" Williams

Happy Black Friday. Hope everyone work up at 3am to go wait in line for a $100 32-inch flatscreen.

A few weeks back, Julie from Things Are Funner Here sent me this card in a trade. I was thrilled to learn that Walt "No Neck Williams" was a pretty reliable TTM signer, so I sent the card off to him. In 17 days, this came back signed:

Pretty neat signature, as he uses one W for both "Walt" and "Williams." Walt was also nice enough to answer my letter, although my questions didn't invoke many interesting answers. Still, it sort of feels like I was interviewing Bill Bellicheck.

1. What is your best baseball memory? Just being in the big leagues.
2. What pitcher did you love to face? None. (really? no favorites that he had success off of?)
3. What pitcher was the toughest to face? Dean Chance (I can't make out the words after Dean Chance)
4. What current player reminds you of yourself? Don't really watch baseball. Well ok, then.

I'm happy to add this signed card to my collection. Thanks, No Neck!


  1. The nickname "No Neck" reminds me of a bit comedian Greg Warren does about his highschool buddy who called Greg "Fluteman" and their other buddy "No Neck" Nick. I wish I had a nickname.

  2. I love that card. I need that card. (Not yours, but another one). I will have that card! I will get the address!!! I will get it TTM'd!!!!! And then I will tell you why I needed it so bad!

  3. I'm guessing that abbreviates "Dean Chance - California Angels".

  4. Yep, that note looks like Dean Chance Calif A.

  5. I'll always remember No Neck Williams hustle. Never seen anyone hustle like him and he was always an inspiration to watch ...