Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #12: 2004 Bowman Sterling Bat Refractor

My latest game-used Tino Martinez card features my hero as a Devil Ray. Sigh. Devil. Ray. I saw it on eBay a few times, but there was always a card I wanted more until this one popped up for the right price. I picked up this bad boy for $2.03 shipped. It's a Refractor version and #'d 195/199.

The scan didn't come out well, but it's a nice card. The design of the Tampa jersey was sort of in a transition at this time - from the ugly purpley-teal ones of Wade Boggs to the more modern ones of today that I don't mind so much. I feel like the jersey Tino is wearing is just about the time when they started to turn the corner in terms of the design and dropping the "Devil" from their name.

The card itself is nice and the Refractor shine certainly makes it pop. It's always a plus to add another relic of my all-time favorite player.

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