Monday, November 14, 2011

TTM Success: Donnie Baseball!

I was bummed at the end of the season when I started to see a bunch of Don Mattingly successes roll in that were sent last year during spring training. I didn't send to him and was afraid that I had missed the boat. I still sent one out late in the season hoping to catch him, as I know that a lot of teams have recap meetings before going their separate ways, plus Donnie seemed to be catching up on fan mail and what not. Worth a shot for one of my all-time favorite players, right?

I sent it out on 10/4, hoping perhaps to get a response next year. Well, on 11/10, I received this back, postmarked from Evansville, IN, even though I had sent it to LA!

I know a lot of people were questioning the authenticity of the Mattingly successes last month, but I think mine looks pretty legit. Additionally, I sent it to LA and it was post-marked from Evansville, IN where Mattingly lives. If someone was ghost signing for him, I'd assume it would have been sent from LA.

This is definitely one of my top 5 successes. I couldn't be happier to add a signed Mattingly card to my collection.


  1. Congratulations on your success. Even as a Mets fan, Mattingly was the one Yankee star that I actually liked.

  2. AWESOME! Don is, by far, my favorite player. I sent a baseball to him in late '07/ early '08 but never received anything back. I am always so close to just forking over some cash for an item off of Ebay or some of the other memorabilia shops. Since he is my childhood hero, though, I am determined to keep trying on the TTM side (more personal/gratifying?)

    This has me thinking I should give it another go. What do you think, should I wait for Dodger spring training or send the goods on up to Evansville?