Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #14: 1996 Sport Flix

I remember taking trips with my mom to Philadelphia Sales growing up and always getting a pack of cards. I liked going there because they had other brands such as Score and Donruss (plus they had the best popcorn ever). CVS usually only carried Topps and that was it, so it was a treat to get a different brand. Although expensive, once in awhile I was treated to a pack of Sportflics. We all remember turning the card to reveal a new picture - a headshot or what appeared to be a player swinging. I remember one card I had had six different All-Stars on it. It was incredibly cool for me to have so many players on a card. I also specifically remember the sound the cards made when I scratched my fingernail over them. I made Sportflix music.

For more info, Paul of Paul's Random Baseball Stuff had a great post about them last year.

Anyhow, in the mid 1990's, Pinnacle brought these back for awhile. I believe that 1996 Sport Flix (notice the new, cool name! Flix! with an X!) was the only time that Tino Martinez ever appeared in one of these sets. This card mentions that he was traded to the Yankees (with a Yankee Stadium shot), and then shows a shot of him in workout gear. The scan actually was able to show both images. Not too shabby!

The back once again shows him in work out gear, and with a decent little write up. Most of Tino's 1996 cards mention that he was replacing Don Mattingly. The boxed stats didn't do much for me, but with the large photo of Tino doing lunges, there isn't a ton of room for stats.

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  1. Philadelphia Sales was still around when you were a kid? I assume you're talking about the Binghamton one -- I never went to that one.

    The Philly Sales in Endicott brings up all kinds of memories -- mostly back-to-school nightmares.