Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uncommon (Card) contest winnings

A few weeks back, Tony from A Common (Card) Man held a contest. He pulled a black leather nameplate from a pack of 2011 Topps Update. All we had to do was guess who it was from the checklist. Well, no one guessed correctly, so then Tony’d it off and somehow I came out on top. I never win these things, but I won two in one week. Weird! Anyways, I was pumped to win such an awesome card #’d to 99.

When the card arrived, I was surprised at how nice it was. The leather feels and smells real, and the black looks sharp. I have the Cano brown leather nameplate, and this will look great alongside it.

Tony and I had been working on a trade for this card, but he decided to include it in the prize as well. A Phil Rizzuto Liquorfractor. Scooter is one of my favorite Yanks of all, so this is a welcome treat.

That wasn’t the only Liquorfractor! This Cano is just amazing. He face is priceless. I now have this one and the regular Diamond shiny.

Oh, and Tony went above and beyond to find me a bunch of Tino’s I didn’t have! Always a welcome surprise! My favorite is the 1999 UD Choice Reserve that looks like an X-Fractor and is #'d 12/100. Of the eight Tino’s he sent, I didn’t have six! It’s amazing how many Tinos I still need, but this certainly helps.

Tony, thanks again for the great contest!

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