Saturday, February 11, 2012

2011 Bowman Draft team set

I picked up the Bowman Draft Yankees team set for $2.18 delivered on eBay. I like Bowman because I like prospect cards, but I don’t really understand the difference between these sets and the Bowman set that came out earlier in 2011. The prospect cards have a black border too which confuses me.

The real reason I bought this was for the Dante Bichette Jr and Justin James rookie cards…err First Bowman cards or whatever. I was looking for the Bichette but they were all about $2, so I figured I might as well get the team set for like $.18 more. The set also included Amury Sanit, Kevin Whelan, and Brandon Laird. I’ll probably use the Laird for TTM – I’ve gotten him in the past but since this is from an actual Yankee game, it would be nice to have. Not sure where Sanit is these days…he pitched a few uninspired innings for the Yanks last year but I’m pretty sure he has been DFA’s since. I just recently got Whelan’s auto, so I should be all set there.

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  1. The difference? None. Just more money going into the people who run Bowman & Topps' wallets. And making it difficult for collectors to tell which is officially a player's rookie card in the process.