Friday, February 17, 2012

Joey's first relic - from a Jays fan!

The other day, I posted a quick tidbit about how I’ve started a small card collection for my seven week old son, Joey. Find the original post HERE. Well, Robert for $30 A Week Habit send me an email saying that he had a card for Joey. Too cool!

The card arrived and it’s Joey’s first jersey card! An A&G framed Mark Teixeira relic! I certainly didn’t expect anything like this, and I’ll add it to my stack of cards for Joey. Robert included a note saying that he’ll get some satisfaction knowing that my son got his first jersey card from a Blue Jays fan. I couldn’t help but laugh. Jerk!

Thanks again, Robert! I really appreciate it.


  1. Glad to send the card to someone who will appreciate it AJ.

    Jerk!! My 1st wife's nickname for me...ha ha!!

  2. PS the Teixeira nameplate is from a BoSox fan! lol