Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joey's Cards

I have a lot of Yankees dupes. They are sort of sitting around aimlessly right now. I've already talked about giving my son some meaningful cards as he achieves milestones in life...Jeter rookies and autos and relics and vintage. Cards that mean something to me and in turn will hopefully mean something to him.

But what about the standard dupes, such as the piles of 2011 Topps Yanks I have? I decided to take a bunch of these and start an album for him. Maybe he'll like it, maybe he won't, but it'll be cool to see him go through this in a few years. I completely plan on giving him a stack of crappy Yanks from the '80s while he is young and can just trash them around and play with them, so the cards in this binder will be slightly nicer.

I took a few minutes this morning to design the cover page for his binder:


  1. A.J., this post gave me a little bit of inspiration. You should receive an envelope in the mail hopefully by the end of the week that has a little bit of humor, and something for little Joey as well.


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  3. That's great idea. In 20-30 years Joey will be blogging about cards and share his fond memories of collecting with his dad.