Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Painted Sketch Card: Chris Getz

Martyn of Arbitrary Crap, one of my favorite blog names, and I recently traded a few cards. I didn’t have a ton to send him, so I decided to throw in a painted sketch card as well. Please note, I’d never send a sketch card in place of real cards – I just include them from time to time as a fun bonus. I still feel like I owe Martyn some cards from our deal, despite what he says

Anyways, Martyn collects Chris Getz cards and is working on the 2011 Kimball Champion set, so I decided to put the two together. Getz wasn't in the original checklist, but he is now:

The size of the card is the same as a Kimball Champs. I tried to follow the same style and colors as the real things. The bottom half turned out pretty good. The face – ehhhh. It’s progress, as I’m afraid to draw/paint faces, so at least I gave it a shot. Based on other cards from this set, the face/head on mine is a bit too big, unless it was Kevin Mench.

I'll showcase the other cards Martyn sent later this week.


  1. Not bad at all. I won't attempt to draw faces at all, so I admire anyone who is.

  2. It's a wonderful addition to my Getz collection, You're very talented and I'll be after some more sketches later!