Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TTM Success: First from spring training!

Well, that was quick. I’ve decided to send out about 25 TTM requests this spring. I used to send out a lot more, but I’m finding that less and less guys are signing. Sending to players at spring training used to be a nice little secret with increased odds for a success. Now, it’s pretty much the same as sending to them during the season. I’m sure the volume of mail going to spring training has really increased, especially with internet forums tracking players’ signing habits.

So now I usually keep my requests to young or lesser known players. Sure, there are still a few big time players I send to. You never know. But for the most part, I keep my requests to role players, prospects, and non-roster invitees.

I sent to Hector Noesi back on Feb 10th. That’s sooner that I would send to most teams, but the Mariners reported early since they are heading to Japan. I did get a Noesi success once last year when he was called up, but it was on a minor league card and I hoped to a signed Yankees card of him before all his cards moving forward showed him as a Mariner. Well, in just 7 days, Noesi returned this 2011 Topps Update. The signature stuck really nicely.

I wish Mr. Noesi the best with his new team. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he had a great year and was looked at as a strong, middle of the rotation arm for the M’s once the season is over.


  1. Nice success. I'm waiting for the Seattle Mariners cards to start to appear. I think Noesi will be a very productive pitcher for the Mariners.

  2. YEAH! The only thing better than a successful return is a FAST successful return!


    I must make another offering to Jobu, now.

  3. Cool return! I'm sending out about 20 or so requests so I hope to see some returns soon!