Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few PWE's out of the blue

Within a week, I got two PWE’s from Jaybarkerfan with some cool Yankee cards. The first featured this Topps Turkey Red Mickey Mantle. The greenish/blue background reminds me of his 1952 Topps RC a bit. The artwork is extremely cool, and it’s a Dick Perez, so why wouldn’t it be?

Next was this cool 2010 Topps Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig checklist. It’s a great picture of the two guys…a grumpy, broken-down Ruth and a young, chipper Gehrig. These two did not have the greatest relationship, and I can’t imagine either was thrilled to take this photo, although perhaps it was taken during their better days.

I’m a sucker for die cuts, so this ARod Pure Heat card is pretty sweet. Plus there are awesome flames in the background. It’s the type of card I would have killed for I was 12 or so.
Lastly, this 2009 Topps Black Bordered Mark Teixeira. It’s #’d to only 58, and the black border is very sharp. It does make the entire card a touch dark, but it really stands out as well.

Wes, thanks again. I have a few Braves headed your way!

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