Friday, January 11, 2013

New Rizzuto additions: 1953 and 1961 Topps

I’ve made it an unofficial goal to pick up as many vintage Phil Rizzuto cards as I can. I’ve been able to acquire his 1954, ’55, and ’56 Topps base cards, as well as his 1995 Bowman. I’ve got a bat relic, and one TTM autograph. As you can imagine, the remaining original issue cards are going to be a bit more of a challenge. There are the 1951, ’52, and ’53 Topps , and the 1961 Topps MVP card, as well as some older Bowman issues and a few oddballs.

I recently crossed two more off the list. I was able to find a very affordable (and decently conditioned) 1953 Topps on eBay. The corners are expectedly fuzzy, and there is a crease across his forehead. Given the condition of some of my other Rizzuto cards, this really isn’t too bad. The color is good. The scan is a little off since the cards was sent in a screw case, and I was too lazy to remove it. I love 1953 Topps, so this card is a big win for me.

I also nabbed a 1961 Topps MVP card. It’s pretty off-centered, which is why I managed to score it for a few bucks shipped. 

I’m enjoying going after these older cards, and I love adding them to my collection. I’ll really enjoy passing them down to my son one day.


  1. Very nice pick ups! I am a huge fan of the 53 design and Phil's card is nice looking.

  2. If I was a Yankees fan (perish the thought), I'd be trying for Rizzuto cards, too.

  3. Cool pickups! I'm still on the hunt for my first real vintage card of the "Scooter".