Thursday, January 3, 2013

Topps Update blaster...I clearly didn't learn my lesson

Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. It was nice hearing from everybody again!

On Christmas Eve morning, I ran to the Walmart near my parents’ house to pick up a few items for my son that we lefty behind, most notably an aspirator. I swear that kid needs his nose sucked every five minutes. The store was actually empty, which is surprising for 10am on Christmas Eve. Anyhow, I swung by the card aisle, hoping to just find a pack or two since I literally haven’t bought a pack of cards since June or July. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I ended up buying a blaster of Topps Update. I received nothing good, and as soon as I finished opening it I thought “oh yeah, I knew I shouldn’t have done that.” I was at least hoping for an Ichiro Yankees card. Instead, I only got two Yankees – a blue-bordered Clay Rapada, and a shiny gold Cano. The two blue-bordered packs from Walmart annoy me. I’d rather just have normal packs.

I did get two Bryce Harpers…the fake RC one and some insert I forgot the name of…maybe one of the Golden Moments or something.

I also got the mandatory manupatch…this Carlton Fisk. At least it’s of a White Sox logo and not a Red Sox. If anyone is interested, I’ll gladly trade it. I haven’t done a trade in a long time!

I did pull six #’d gold cards. None are very good.

Finally, here’s the shiny Cano. Pretty sure he wants to forget the AS Game in KC.

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  1. I could use the Miley if you don't want it. I should have some extra Yankees from the Update set if you need them.