Saturday, January 19, 2013

The present and future...on one card

This was a random card I recently picked up. It’s very refractory. I’m not really sure how these two players tie together for the sake of the card, but cool to have a card of Cano and Tyler Austin. Cano is pictured in his baby blue HR Derby jersey. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Cano did not hit a HR on this swing. I bet he got booed as well. And look at that goofy "C" on his jersey. Straight out of the

Tyler Austin had a huge year and really increased his stock as a prospect. The Yanks haven’t had many good OF prospects recently, and Austin really does have a chance to change that. He has raked at every level of the minors. He’ll probably open 2012 in AA.

He represented the Yanks at the Futures Game, and since both players participated in All Star Weekend, I'm sure that's the connection on this card. Whatever. Cool to have the present and (hopefully) the future share a card.


  1. Nice score! It's been pretty cool to see Austin go from 13th round suspect to legitimate prospect on a team where he was surrounded by A-listers like Culver, Gumbs, Williams, and Sanchez. In all seriousness, a lot of guys never even get a shot at breaking through, much less can capitalize on the opportunity. Looking forward to bigger and better things from him!

  2. Nice card, although it's a shame that Austin didn't get to participate in the Future Game due to injury.
    I hope Cano being one of the faces of the current Yankees continues.