Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cards from Napkin Doon

I recently swapped some baseball picture cards with the “one and only” Napkin Doon. The Doonster himself just celebrated the two year anniversary of his blog. He and I started right around the same time. I believe that I was actually the reason he started blogging. He stumbled upon my blog while googling the ending to the hit series Lost, realized that adults actually write about baseball cards, and the rest is history. Nap, can you verify that story is true?

Regardless, he sent me a fantastic package of cards, including some sweet wax packs from back in the day.

Not only that, but he signed a 1990 Donruss for me. I actually picture Napkin Doon looking exactly like this, so this card reaffirms that. I'm sure it would fetch at least $7 at Cleve's next auction, but it’ll go directly into my son’s HOF binder for now.

The one card that I knew Doonie was sending was this 2013 Spring Fever Mattingly. I really like these cards. The palm trees are cool and I love this shot of Mattingly. I’m nearly certain it was 1995, and in the Kingdome at that. 
I was surprised to see this next card. It’s a 2012 Topps Update CC Sabathia manupatch. It’s actually pretty cool. I have a decent amount of Yankees patches, but I like how this just has the simple interlocking NY that’s on that hat. All the others have an old school logo of some sorts. 
I also hit the jackpot with these four vintage Yanks. I like the 1965 Topps AL Strikeout Leaders. I have to admit, I had no idea Downing lead the league in K’s that year. I’ve always loved 1970 Topps. I had a common card from that year when I was young, and it always just seemed so old. It was special. I love the Murcer. I hadn’t gotten my paws on this one yet, so I love it. I also like Jack Aker’s weird airbrushed uniform, and how some of the cards say "Yanks" and others say "Yankees".

As mentioned, Dooner sent me three older packs, including a pack of 1990 Topps Big. I opened two of the packs, but decided to keep the 1989 Topps intact. I’ll let my kid open it one day so he can see what it was like to open a true wax pack. Then I’ll make him eat the gum when he tells me how crappy the cards are.

Napster, thanks for the goods. I've enjoyed reading your stuff ever since I discovered it in the blogosphere, and I'll never grow tired of our trades. I’ve got something headed your way soon.


  1. That 1970 Bobby Murcer is beautiful. I'd never seen that one before tonight.

  2. First, incredibly, you totally nailed the story of how my blog came to be.

    Second.... wait I forgot what I was going to say.