Monday, March 4, 2013

Razor blades and baseball cards

In no way is this a promo for a company. Just wanted to share something I use and a reason why the company is cool.

Last year, I started using “Dollar Shave Club.” For $6/month, they send me razor blades, and it’s been nice not having to pay $15/month to Gilette anymore. Anyhow, they always include a witty postcard in the package, and a recent one caught my eye:

No, it wasn’t the fact that Cassie is dressed like an elf, or that she appears to be a cute girl. What caught my eye was the 1985 Topps design. I thought it was pretty cool, and a smart move by them. It made me stop and think just by seeing something that looked like a baseball card, and I’m sure a lot of guys did the same. 

Now, the 1985 design is a pretty easy one to copy, so good choice by them. They did put Cassie’s name there instead of the team name, so I guess it does differ from Topps a bit. If I had to pick a design that would have jumped out the most, I may have gone for 1987, as I think it’s slightly more iconic in terms of the demo they are going after. Regardless, it gave me something to think about as I shaved that morning that I opened my blades.

Another reason why the Dollar Shave Club rocks.


  1. I also like how the message next to the card is basically, "Simmer the f#%^ down."

  2. You should send this in for an autograph and then put it up on ebay.