Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling blue and seeing red

Two different trades brought me two different colored parallels of 2013 Topps. I have never really sought out the retail-store variations, but for some reason I’m really liking these more and more of late, and appreciating each one I get.

Night Owl sent me a few cards, and included was this Ivan Nova Walmart Blue Parallel. I would have thought that the blue looked better on Yankee cards, but it’s actually a bit of a blue overdose. The Navy Blue interlocking NY + plus the royal blue sea turtle + the light blue border = a little too much blue.

Upon looking at its red brethren from Target, I found myself preferring the red version. The red made it feel a little more Yankee-esque in the absence of the usual hat/bat primary logo. Thanks to Paul of Paul's Random Baseball Stuff for sending these 

As for the rest of the loot, here is what Night Owl included:

I love the CC mini, and think I’m now close to having all the Series One Yanks. I need to take an inventory though.

Night Owl’s favorite Mark Teixeira card, plus two Reggie Jackson inserts from this year. 

Finally, this awesome Phil Rizzuto. This was a set I missed back in the fall or whenever it came out, and this is a great addition to my growing Rizzuto collection. 
Paul sent me some Yanks in exchange for some Mets. It wasn’t quite Robin Ventura for David Justice, but pretty close. In addition to those sweet red borders, he sent me three Chasing History inserts, including a shiny foily Reggie! 

Thanks, guys!

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